Choice Succulents for succulents, cacti and drought hardy plants

Succulents, Cacti and Drought Hardy

Choice Succulents is the Australian shop for succulents, cacti and drought hardy plants for house and garden. Choose from a large range of plants and have them delivered to your door.

Predictions of a drier future as result of the greenhouse effect, does not mean the end of gardening but more a reassessment of plants which can adjust to changing circumstances.

Succulent plants are a good choice and will cope successfully with less moisture and more temperature stress than many other garden plants.

Choice Succulents for succulents, cacti and drought hardy plants

Succulent is not a botanical term but is used for a large range of plants across many plant families (including Cacti) which use water efficiently by storing it in the plant.

Choice Succulents for succulents, cacti and drought hardy plants

In contrast Australian native plants, cope with dry conditions by growing deeper roots.

Succulent plants are also a desirable choice for busy people who love plants but cannot find the time to look after them.

They are low in maintenance and thrive on neglect.

Most ornamental succulent species used come from:

  • Americas (cacti, agaves, echeverias)
  • Africa (Aloes, Gasteria, Pachypodium, Haworthia)
  • and a few from Europe (sempervivum) or Asia (orostachys)


The Nursery

P. R. Nursery, where all the plants are grown, is located in Far North Queensland in the Atherton Tablelands (Cairns Highlands) and is specialised in succulents and other drought hardy plants.

All plants are grown in the open with minimal (15-50%) or no shade at all.

This produces hardy plants with a good survival rate when transplanted.

The high percentage of repeat customers attests to this.

There is a good selection of interesting plants in small numbers; therefore you will find a regular change of available plants on this web site.

Plants are supplied as bare rooted plants mainly inside Australia as quarantine restrictions make it increasingly difficult to import and export plants. Bare rooting also reduces the frieght cost.

Plants are grown individually in 60mm square pots with no shade or some with 18-50% shade; which is not much in the tropics. This produces a pretty hardy plant with a good root system.

There are many other plants and larger sizes available. Please enquire for prices and postage if you are interested or have any other queries.


Plants may be purchased in three ways:

  1. Through this website
    Plants will be sent bare rooted by mail and can be paid for by money order, pay pal or direct bank deposit.

  2. From the Nursery (only by appointment)
    Contact me by telephone 07 40 933 794 or
    Snail mail: P.R. Nurserey P.O.Box 252 Tolga Qld 4882

  3. At regular local markets:
    • Mareeba - 2nd Saturday of the month
    • Smithfield - 3rd Sunday of the month
    • Yungaburra - 4th Saturday of the month

Plants can be viewed and purchased from the Orders page.

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Choice Succulents for succulents, cacti and drought hardy plants