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Small Plants

Most of which are more suitable to grow in pots.

Small sizes make them ideal for plants on a window sill or to create mini gardens in the house or patio.

Most small sizes are less suitable for gardens but will do well in a rockery garden, providing there is excellent drainage.

Large Plants

Succulents have often stunning shapes like a living sculpture (Agave, tree Aloe, Pachypodium) therefore they are ideal as feature plants, they are equally suitable for house, patio or garden but need sufficient space for an optimal visual display.

There are also many large succulents which are spectacular in mass plantings in the garden (some Agaves, Dyckia, Sanseveria) , especially when in flower regularly like many Aloes and Euphorbias do, which occurs regularly.

Plants can be viewed and purchased from the Orders page.

Plants are grown individually in 60mm square pots with no shade or some with 18-50% shade (which is not much in the tropics) are therefore pretty hardy and with a good root system.

There are many other plants and larger sizes, please enquire for prices and postage if you are interested or have any other queries.

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Choice Succulents - succulents, cacti and drought hardy plants