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Here are some new interesting succulents added recently!

Deuterocohnia brevifolia

Dry land bromeliad, doesn't die after flowering. Hardy plant with small green flowers, densly clustering.


Euphorbia geroldii

From Madagascar, one of the few Euphorbias without prickles. And what is better never stop flowering here. Best grow in semi shade and little more water than most succulents


Euphorbia obesa

Small round Euphorbia with a starlike pattern on surface. No prickles, yellow flowers.


Pachypodium horombense

Small pachypodium from Madagascar with yellow flowers. Keep dry especially during winter when it loses its leaves.


Pachypodium saundersii

Small pochypodium to about 1 m. Starts flowering at a small size, after which it will branch out. Keep dry.


Sansevierea fisheri

One of the thick leaved species, like dawei and potans. Dark green leaves with lighter horizontal bands. Slow growing, small sculptured like plants.


Sansevierea potans

Thick leaved species slow but very decorative.


Sansevierea dawei

Slow growing, small sansevierea. With reddish on the leaf margins.


Sansevierea guinnensis

Similar in color to golden hahnii but taller, up to 50 cms.


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